Review: Veep Series 1 Episode 3

By Ewan McQueen, July 10, 2012


Monday nights on Sky Atlantic at the moment really are the place to be if you like comedy.

Personally I have been watching Seinfeld double bills since the channel started showing the series from the start back in January.

I’m absolutely loving it due to it’s fantastic writing and great characters including Elaine, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus who is now starring as the Vice President Selina Meyers in Veep.

Sandwiched in between the Seinfeld double bills was Alan Partridge Mid-Morning Matters which had me constantly laughing out loud.

For those that don’t know Armando Iannucci is the brains behind Partridge and has now struck a chord with Veep.

Episode 3 of Veep didn’t disappoint.

Reviews have been mixed,but many have been lazy in frequently comparing it to the British political satire ‘The Thick of It’.

Veep deserves better than that. Whilst the clean jobs act plotline is starting to become a little tiresome, there was still more than enough to hold the interest.

The side story in this episode was the news the Veep’s daughter was coming to Washington to celebrate her mother’s twenty years in the capital.

However, the Veep was unable to spend much time with her daughter due to the controversy surrounding Chuck Furnham’s (fantastic name for the record) appointment to the clean jobs taskforce due to the fact he is an ex-oil man.

At a reception honouring a late Senator, many announce their disapproval to Furnham with one Senator announcing he would go into shock if he was appointed onto the commission which leads the Veep’s Chief of Staff to announce the Senator had said “F*** Chuck”.

The most enjoyable part of the episode were trying to see the Veep talk normally to her daughter now that she has been in Washington for two decades.

Her daughter Catherine (played by Kiefer Sutherland’s real-life daughter Sarah), can’t believe her Mother wants to change the name of a Hurricane so headlines such as “Selina creates disaster” aren’t published.

Eventually the Veep backs down but then instantly tells her chief of staff to get it sorted.

Her personal aide Gary also has to tell her that Catherine has a new roommate at college, which brilliantly showed how out of touch politicians can be.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed Gary whispering in the Veep’s ear a quick fact about the guests she was about to meet, which at the end of the episode even stretched to Gary almost spelling out what Nasa stood for.

With the possible exception of Mid Morning Matters, Sky Atlantic’s Monday night comedy might not be side-splitting but if it’s clever comedy with fantastic writing and acting you’re after then tune in next week.

Roll on next Monday.